SOLD OUT Hibob - Baby Electric Musical Swing With Remote Control

Details Hibob brand automatic electric cradle - pink

*Automatic cradle Quality over price
*Electric Baby Swing Hibob
*Top brands, beautiful, cheap and high quality
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High quality automatic electric hammock beyond the price of Electric Baby Swing - Hibob. Popular brands, beautiful, cheap and high quality. New products. Electric hobob hammock helps your baby to fall asleep easily. Or after feeding the milk will help to easily digest The little ones will enjoy the sight and music to improve the baby's development. Can sleep well all night with a design that is easy to use Strong, durable. The cradle is large and has soft cushions. Come with a cute mobile doll The mobile is able to prevent light from catching the eyes, and on the other side is a mosquito net to help ventilate the air and pillows for the baby to sleep comfortably. Has a special function, can plug in USB to open the music that you like as well and come with a remote Allow parents to adjust the music on, off, increase, decrease the music. And can adjust the rudder to be desired from a distance too For the baby to sleep comfortably and lightly with the parents as well


1. There are cute designs to choose from, which are blue and pink. The patterns are very cute.
2. Can adjust the speed to 5 levels. Quiet, quiet, not disturbing children For you to sleep for a long time
3. Suitable for newborns up to 18 months with soft cushions with hole pillows No worries about flat heads.
4. Lullaby music for children Change songs automatically The volume can be adjusted.
5. Equipped with USB, you can play your favorite songs in MP3 format.
6. There is a remote for remote control. Can turn off, adjust the speed, rocking, change music, turn off and add music, and set the time
7. Substances can be set on-off Auto 3 time intervals 8/15/30 minutes
8. Stretcher size 70 x 92 x 87 cm.
9. Can be easily disassembled, no tools required
10. There is a soft plush doll hanging. Children can pull the play, not broken. Is a mosquito net and a built-in curtain that can be opened and closed
11. Good durable material, color plated, rust-proof, smooth, stable button, keep cables neatly assembled, re-shot, prevent loosening of screws for safety
12. Can be used for both plug and battery When plugged in, the battery will stop working to save battery.
13. Only 4 AA alkaline batteries can use up to 280 hours.
14. Gentle, smooth swing without interruption with constant speed system Thus making children less comfortable to sleep
15. Stretcher legs have non-slip rubber Beautiful design, exquisite work, and able to lock the cradle so that it doesn't get disturbed
16. Every piece of fabric can be easily washed and washed.

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Hibob - Baby Electric Musical Swing With Remote Control

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