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Benefits of electric baby cradle Primi

Available in blue and pink.

Weight can be 11 kg.

Suitable for newborns - 1 year

Use the music to lull children.

6 volt power supply

Mobile dolls help strengthen the mind.

Lightweight foldable cradle.

Lock the cradle so that the crib is not moving. Prevent children from waking

Baby Safe Cradle

4-point anti-skid rubber to prevent slipping.

Compact and portable.

Silence Do not disturb the child's sleep.

There are mosquito nets for mosquitoes and insect infestations.

Electric hose reel 3 levels.  

Can adjust the volume.

Have a regular hiss.

 The system can run from 0-45 minutes.

Introduction to Q & A

Why is it so hard?

Answer. We do not spread the legs of the cradle to the extreme. Not to spread. It will lose balance. It is not hard to swing it. Customers try to spread the legs of the hatch. Then the electric rattlesnake. I will not miss it.

Ask for a power supply with a power rattle. Damn it

The electrical response to this electric cradle. It uses only 6 volts. The adapter is used to convert power into the motorized crib. To compare It is comparable to the use of a flashlight only 4 only. Do not worry about this.

Why do not you fall asleep?

Maybe a little boy, he needs warmth from your mother's warmth, if we try to take him for a while. Give him warmth. Then put it in his crib. He will sleep well. Do not forget that little boy he has a heart so his parents warm him. The children will be good children.

I want a power rattle. I will not be here.

Answer the electric cradle. The design is available. There are many experiments that have been conducted to determine the strength of the rattle with the electric rattlesnake, which will be safe and the baby will sleep comfortably so that parents do not have to worry that the cradle of the electric cradle is stronger. Well, think about that time we lulled him to sleep. We just swung and rocked him a little. The baby is asleep at all.

Ask us to give little children. Can you sleep in the cradle while he sleeps?

The baby was lying on the floor. The cushion on the floor. Maybe he will develop better. Because the baby may be stretched legs, arms are some of the development of the muscles. We recommend. Use electric cradle. It is a supplement to the baby to sleep. As a help better than me.

Why do not you go to the cot?

Every child likes to sleep. But some people just want to be warm, so that the baby will not sleep. I do not know what to do. I want to because I like to warm love from my mother, so I carry a little baby with a cot, do not forget that electric cradle is just a help to sleep only. The love we give and the warmth we give him are more important. It's a body language.

Ask the boys before urinating (pee), then have to sing with me. I am very often. I think the baby is sick.

The answer may be by the cause. The following. 

1. Urinary tract inflammation. But this case most of the fever.

2. If a man May be caused by the genitalia. Let's take a look at it. (If it is normal) or when it is peeing it. Because The doctor should be circumcised or swallowed.

3. Some children feel that they feel fast.

If you are worried, it is recommended to visit a doctor specializing in children. The baby is better than me.

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Baby electric shaker multifunctional crib smart electric portable folding music cradle one generation

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